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Las Vegas Special Effects Services

Earth Water Sky provides a wide range of special effects services that are both high-impact and cost-effective. Offering scalable special effects packages we custom tailor each package to fit our clients location, vision, and target budget.

Las Vegas Special Effects Services
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Confetti & Streamer Effects

Specializing in confetti and streamer effects that deliver the wow factor, Earth Water Sky will create a customized package to fit your event space and brand objectives with color-matched confetti or streamers that match your logo or event decor colors, custom imprinted confetti with your logo or band messaging, or custom die cut confetti in the shape of your logo or any physical object, we deliver artistic confetti effects that will deliver ROI and elevate the quality of your entire live event production.

Snow Machine Effects

We create realistic snow machine snowfall effects with extensive experience working in both indoor and outdoor locations, we can create a winter wonderland anywhere in Las Vegas regardless of the season.

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Las Vegas low lying fog effects rentals

Low Lying Fog Effects

Earth Water Sky is proud to offer Ultratec LSX Low Fog Converter systems for our live event productions. The LSX is an AC powered cooling unit that chills incoming fog from its companion fog machines (recommended machines – Show, Stage and G300) to create a low-lying blanket of fog similar to that of dry ice machines, without the inconvenience of handling dry-ice.

The LSX is a clear advancement in low-smoke technology, incorporating proven high performance refrigeration components into a compact, rugged package specifically designed to chill (between 5-25 degrees Fahrenheit) volumes of incoming fog effectively and efficiently. Controllable cloud density, depth and area coverage make the LSX the professional´s choice.

Fog & Haze Effects

We specialize in dynamic fog, haze, and low-lying fog effects to create dynamic atmospheres and enhance lighting effects. Our water based haze and fog products create high impact effects without leaving residue on room interiors or decor.

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Bubble Effects

Earth Water Sky creates immersive bubble effects that are enjoyed by adults and children of all ages, delivering a fun and bubbly experience for your guests to enjoy indoors and outdoors.

Cryo Effects

Cryo effects create dramatic plumes that enhance stage performances, delivering a high impact effect without the logistical challenges or high costs of traditional pyrotechnics, we use CO2 to create dramatic effect that actually cool down your event space, while heating up and exciting your audience!

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T-Shirt Launchers & Cannons

T Shirt Cannons are a fun and dynamic tool for distributing promotional materials and creating audience excitement at large events, general sessions, promotional events, concerts, and music festivals, launching T-Shirts or branded materials up to 300 feet into your audience!

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