Las Vegas Fog & Haze Effects

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Fog Effects

Earth Water Sky specializes in a wide range of dynamic fog, haze, and low-lying fog effects to create dynamic atmospheres and enhance lighting effects.

Whether you are needing dramatic high-intensity blasts of dense fast-dissipating fog to create a memorable reveal or entrance effect, slow-dissipating fog to create a longer lasting atmosphere, if you are needing the unique dynamic flowing atmosphere created by low-lying fog effects, or if you are needing to enhance lighting or laser effects with ambient haze, we have extensive experience and large inventory of speciality fog and haze equipment to craft the perfect fog or haze solution for your next show or event.

High Intensity Fog Effects:
With a large inventory of theatrical-quality fog machines, we can scale a custom solution to fit your event space and area coverage requirements. Specializing in synchronized operation of multiple high-output fog machines, we can create dramatic and memorable reveal and entrance effects that will WOW your audience!

las vegas haze effects rentals

Haze Effects

Atmospheric Haze Effects:
We have a large inventory of both standard and high-output atmospheric haze machines to create ambient atmosphere in both indoor and outdoor locations requiring atmospheric haze to enhance lighting and laser effects. With our scalable inventory we can create the perfect amount of haze for both large and small venues, and can deliver high-output haze solutions for large outdoor locations.

Low Lying Fog Effects:
Earth Water Sky is proud to offer Ultratec LSX Low Fog Converter systems for our live event productions using zero CO2 or Dry Ice. The LSX is an AC powered cooling unit that chills incoming fog from its companion fog machines to create a low-lying blanket of fog similar to that of dry ice machines, without the safety risks and inconvenience of handling dry-ice, or the negative environmental impact of CO2.

The LSX is a clear advancement in low-smoke technology, incorporating proven high performance refrigeration components into a compact, rugged package specifically designed to chill (between 5-25 degrees Fahrenheit) volumes of incoming fog effectively and efficiently. Controllable cloud density, depth and area coverage make the LSX the professional┬┤s choice.

CITC Maniac 2 moving LED fog machine lights

Moving LED Fog Machine Lights:
Earth Water Sky is proud to offer the latest fusion of lighting and fog effects technology with our new CITC Maniac 2 moving LED fog machine lights. Our Maniac 2 units can be custom programmed for manual DMX control, or we can program to automatically respond to audio, creating a dazzling and immersive illuminated fog effect for your next DJ or Band performance. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, Maniac 2 uses water based fog fluid to create high-impact illuminated fog effects similar to pyrotechnic or cryo effects.

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What is the difference between fog and haze?

Fog is a thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the air near the ground. It typically reduces visibility to a maximum of 1 km within a few metres and persists for a short period of time. In concert or event situations, fog is usually low lying.

Haze is a thin, widespread cloud of tiny droplets of water, dirt, or smoke that hangs in the air and reduces visibility. It tends to persist for longer periods of time and reduce visibility to less than 10 km. In concert or event situations, haze is generally used to diffuse lighting or emphasize lighting beams.

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