Las Vegas Low Lying Fog Effects

Earth Water Sky is proud to offer Ultratec LSX Low Fog Converter systems for our live event productions. The LSX is an AC powered cooling unit that chills incoming fog from its companion fog machines (recommended machines – Show, Stage and G300) to create a low-lying blanket of fog similar to that of dry ice machines, without the inconvenience of handling dry-ice.

The LSX is a clear advancement in low-smoke technology, incorporating proven high performance refrigeration components into a compact, rugged package specifically designed to chill (between 5-25 degrees Fahrenheit) volumes of incoming fog effectively and efficiently. Controllable cloud density, depth and area coverage make the LSX the professional´s choice.

las vegas low lying fog effects rentals
las vegas low lying fog effects rentals
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How does low lying fog effects work?

Concert and event fog is an essential element of many modern music performances and clubs, adding a sense of mystery and atmosphere to the show. But how does it actually work? Let's take a peek behind the scenes and find out.

Concert or club fog effects are produced by special machines which vaporize a water-based fog solution. This produces a dense cloud of vapour particles which is released into the air, creating a foggy atmosphere.

The ingredients in the water-based solution vary but usually contain some kind of glycerol, which acts as a medium for the fog and helps it to disperse evenly. The glycerol used has to meet a range of safety standards, as it is flammable and potentially dangerous.

Special computer-controlled systems are used to accurately control the production of fog. The amount of fog released is regulated to avoid any potential risks, while fans and vents are employed to blow the fog away promptly and clear the air.

The setting of the concert site or club can also affect the production of fog. Large outdoor audiences can require a bigger concentration of fog to make it visible, while an indoor venue needs less as the fog will remain in the venue for a longer period of time.

The theatrical effect of concert fog can add to the sense of excitement and dynamism witnessed in live performances, helping to make the event an even more memorable experience. Indeed, it could be said that concert fog is an even more essential element of the show than the performers themselves!

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