Las Vegas Snowfall Effects & Snow Machines

Specializing in snowfall effects for live events, rentals and providing extended seasonal facility contracts in Las Vegas, Earth Water Sky has a large inventory of professional snow machines and vast experience creating realistic immersive snowfall effects that create a magical illusion of falling snow in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Mastering the creation of snow effects during countless weeks of live operations, Earth Water Sky’s skilled effects technicians have the experience and specialized equipment to deliver the best quality snowfall effects possible. We custom tailor the setup, control, and live operation of each snow machine to create the most immersive and realistic effects possible, also paying close attention to the comfort and well-being of our audience.

las vegas snow machine rentals
Quiet Cube Snow Machine

CITC’s new Quiet Cube snow machine uses brand new technology to make the quietest snow machine ever. A full 10 db’s quieter than the Little Blizzard snow machine, no one’s been able to come close to the whisper quiet production of snow from this machine. Although the machine is smaller than other snow machines on the market, the output doesn’t fail at all and is, quite frankly, very impressive for a machine its size. With DMX on board and a variable speed remote control included, the Quiet Cube is the number one solution for venues needing a quieter snow machine.

  • Quietest Snow Machine Ever!
  • A Full 10 dbs Quieter Than the Little Blizzard
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Awesome Output for a Smaller Machine
  • Remote Control Variable Speed
  • DMX on Board
las vegas snow machine rentals
Little Blizzard XT Snow Machine

Think CITC couldn’t make the most popular snow machine in the industry better? Thought they would just sit on their laurels? Think again! CITC has outdone themselves by upgrading their most popular piece of equipment, the Little Blizzard. The Little Blizzard has a whole new look, inside and out. The first thing you will notice is the great new deep blue powder coating. The surface is much smoother, yet still textured to be “show tuff.” When you turn the machine on, you’ll see the higher output almost immediately. The flakes never looked so light, so fluffy, and so dry. Third, you’ll notice that you’re getting about 20% more snow with the same amount of fluid. The variable speed now has a much greater range as well, going from wisps of snowflakes to larger, white, fluffy, and dry flakes.

  • Most realistic evaporating snow available
  • No clumps or residue
  • 20% higher output than original Little Blizzard
  • Quieter than former Little Blizzards
  • Fluffier, lighter, drier flakes
  • More conservative on fluid
  • Greater range, variable output
  • DMX on board
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More about artificial snow machines

Snow falling can provide a great atmospheric effect for a movie, theater show, music video, live event and many other productions, and with our Snow Machines, you can create a winter wonderland effect any time of the year! Along with our Little Blizzard Snow Machines, our proprietary snow making formula is key to producing the dazzling, realistic snowflakes you can have in your production whether it’s winter or summer.

How do snow machines work?

The Little Blizzard XT Snow Machine is a multi-faceted snow machine that produces realistic looking artificial snowflakes, ranging from tiny snow crystals to larger “snow drifts.” The process begins with a water/anti-freeze solution mixed in the base of the snow machine. The liquid is then forced through a nozzle and comes out in the form of a “snowflake”, with the various sizes being easily controlled by adjusting the speed of the motor. The motor then pushes the snowflake up into the air, which then falls down to the ground to create the desired winter effect. The snowflakes can be further controlled by using the included digital display, which can be used to adjust the amount of snow and size of the flakes. Additionally, the Little Blizzard XT Snow Machine is compatible with most professional haze machines, allowing for a more seamless and realistic snowy atmosphere.

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