Las Vegas Confetti & Streamer Effects

Earth Water Sky specializes in high-impact confetti streamer effects for live event productions, conventions, awards presentations, corporate general sessions, concerts, and public events.

Using a wide range of single-shot confetti and streamer cannons, high output continuous flow vertical confetti blowers, and variable-flow horizontal confetti blowers, we create custom solutions for each live rent production to deliver amazing usual impact and area coverage for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Las Vegas Confetti & Streamer Effects Rentals
BigBlaster Confetti Blower

BigBlaster™ confetti blowers are Earth Water Sky’s largest continuous flow confetti machines. Using CO2 as the energy source, our BigBlaster™ confetti blowers project confetti to 80 feet or more and can fill a conference hall, theatre or stadium with a deluge of confetti for a full minute, or longer.

Las Vegas Confetti & Streamer Effects Rentals
BigShots Wireless Confetti Cannon

Earth Water Sky is proud to offer dual-barrel battery powered wireless confetti and streamer cannons for our live event productions. BigShots® Wireless is the ideal confetti and streamer cannon operating without any power or cables needed, reducing setup time and labor costs without sacrificing impact! Our wireless cannons shoot confetti or streamers or both together. Built to last a lifetime our BigShots® Wireless confetti and streamer cannons are remotely actuated and shoot confetti up to 50 feet and streamers to 80 feet or more. With wireless remote triggers multiple units can be fired on separate cues, or can be fired together for an unbeatable high impact effect

Las Vegas Confetti & Streamer Effects Rentals
Champagne Blast Confetti Bottles

Need an impressive display or prop that also delivers a wonderful visual effect? The Champagne Blast® does it all! With the ability to shoot confetti, streamers or both together, the Champagne Blast® is ideal for awards ceremonies, commemorations or anniversaries of all sorts

Las Vegas Confetti & Streamer Effects Rentals
Silent Storm Confetti Blower

This unique variable flow confetti device provides a steady stream of confetti at the desired rate without operator interface. The unit is whisper quiet and capable of delivering a sustained artistic effect for up to 15 minutes or more.

Earth Water Sky can create custom special effects packages for any sized venue, for both indoor and outdoor locations.

With extensive experience delivering world class special effects for a wide range of clients and locations, Earth Water Sky delivers special effects that will thrill your audience and event attendees, adding value to your entire live event production.

Add a touch of drama to your next live event, contact us today to explore how we can transform your next live event production into a memorable experience for your guests.

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