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Bag End Professional Loudspeaker Systems

Bag End professional loudspeaker systems are the industry standard for venue installations and live sound reinforcement. Earth Water Sky is a direct authorized dealer for Bag End Audio. Let our highly skilled consultants design a custom “time aligned” solution that will exceed your highest expectations.

Bag End Bassault-R Bag End TA2002-R

If you’re looking for a professional loud speaker system that is extremely reliable, then you should consider a system from Bag End. Bag End has been in the business of making professional sound reinforcement systems since 1976, and their products have been trusted by countless clients for years. Here’s a look at some of the features and benefits that make Bag End one of the top professional loudspeaker systems on the market.

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One of the most impressive features of Bag End systems is their premium sound quality. Bag End has built its reputation on the clarity and accuracy of their audio, which is a necessary requirement for most live sound reinforcement applications. Their systems deliver clear and precise sound that is loud enough to fill any room.

Another great thing about Bag End is the fact they use top-of-the-line components to build their systems. Their loudspeaker cabinets are constructed using Marine-grade Plywood, and their speakers are made with the highest quality drivers. This ensures a long-lasting life and quality sound for years to come.

It’s also important to note that Bag End offers plenty of options when it comes to their loud speaker systems. For example, they offer both passive and powered systems so you can get the exact setup you need for any application. Additionally, they offer both indoor and outdoor systems, so you can find a system that’s suitable for your particular venue no matter what type of environment you’re working in.

Overall, Bag End is one of the best professional loud speaker system brands on the market. Their products deliver excellent sound quality, high-end components, and plenty of options so you can find the perfect system for your needs. With a Bag End system, you can trust that you’ll get a reliable and high-quality system for years to come.

About Bag End

Founded in 1976, Bag End manufactures a full line of passive and self powered loudspeaker systems and both analog and digital system processors.

In addition to our standard product line we also manufacture custom systems for architects and engineers for specialty applications. Our loudspeakers are used in recording studios, performing arts centers, houses of worship, sports facilities, museums and discerning homes as well as many laboratory and specialty applications throughout the world.

Today, Bag End manufactures in facilities on two continents making a full line of loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and system processors. Over the decades the company has been a leader in providing uniquely good sounding products and extraordinary service to our customers world wide. We are dedicated to making the very best and longest lasting products available.

It is not uncommon to find our loudspeakers in full operation for 10, 20, and even 30 years. Built in quality and serviceability are the hallmarks of a their loudspeakers.

After years of research and development the company announces the Neptune super high powered loudspeaker system. Utilizing the most advanced and powerful components possible, the Neptune sets a new standard for fidelity and output.

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