Las Vegas Bubble Effects Rentals

Earth Water Sky specializes in creating world-class bubble effects for events, general sessions, experiential marketing activations, concerts, and more!

Bubbles are a fun immersive special effect that creates powerful feelings of wonder and joy in audiences of all ages. Our Bubble Master bubble machines are theatrical-quality machines capable of introducing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere.

Using a single bubble machine for a small event area, exhibit, or immersive experiential activation, or using multiple synchronized machines to create a powerful immersive effect for a large event area, general sessions, or concerts, Earth Water Sky will deliver the perfect solution for your your needs. las vegas bubble effects rentals
Our Bubble Master bubble machines are built with hi-tech, roto-molded plastic that prevents leaks and corrosion, and are also equipped with high power fans that offer a variable speed control which allows for greater flexibility in creating the best bubble projection output for your target coverage area and desired effect.

Earth Water Sky’s large inventory of Bubble Master bubble machines include multiple DMX version units with remote output control and operation capabilities. We also have additional units available with FDS “Fluid Delivery System” that allows us to connect an optional 5-gallon container of bubble fluid to each bubble machine for extended runtime operations.

Earth Water Sky also offers a large inventory of Bubble Master mounting accessories such as truss mounting brackets that allow us to hang the bubble machines from flown truss or pipe rigging supports. We can also include tripod stand mounts and high quality adjustable tripod stands for each bubble machine for stable off-floor ground support mounting.

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