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Medialon Show Control

"Show Control" ranges from simple attraction control of lighting and video to facility-wide control, supervision and monitoring. Our range of Embedded Show Controllers as well as our Software version benefit from the same legendary user interface, easy to program yet powerful.

Medialon Showmaster LE

Showmaster LE is designed for small to medium Show Control applications in Museums, Showrooms, Stores, Restaurants, and Attractions.
It can also be used as a subsystem in larger shows or attractions.

Medialon Showmaster Pro

Showmaster Pro is an all in one embedded Show Controller fitted with all necessary show protocol interfaces. It controls and synchronizes dimmers, lighting desks, video projectors, video servers, sound processors, etc. Showmaster Pro also provides 16 digital inputs, 16 relay outputs, and balanced Time Code input/output with video reference.

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What is show control?

Show control is the science of automation technology used in theatre, audio/visual, and live events. It involves the coordination and synchronization of various theatrical elements, including lighting, sound, projection, video, automation, rigging, and scenery. A show control system is an electronic system that can control many or all of these elements from a centralized computer or user interface.

Initially, show control systems were used to coordinate preprogrammed events, such as lighting and audio/visual cues. Recent advances in show control technology have allowed for much more complex and interactive systems, often allowing users to control events in real-time. This has allowed show control systems to be used for a variety of applications, such as controlling moving scenery elements, customizing lighting effects, and synchronizing movement and sound with various other elements.

Show control systems are becoming more and more popular in the events world. They allow for a much higher degree of precision and control than manual systems, and allow for a much larger and more complex performance. With these systems, a show or event can be tailored to a given audience and manipulated into something much more than simply a scripted set of events.

Show control systems can range from basic to complex, depending on the type of events being created or hosted. For corporate events, show control systems can allow for full choreography of various elements and the ability to save complex commands for future use. For larger concerts and musical theatre performances, show control systems can be used to cue music, control lighting, and accurately coordinate complex stunts and effects.

Show control systems are invaluable tools to those working in the events and performance world, allowing them to produce larger and more spectacular shows than ever before. With the increasing popularity of show control systems, this technology is sure to continue to evolve and become even more versatile and complex.

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