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Las Vegas Event Production

Earth Water Sky is a full service boutique event production and design group specializing in creative audio, video, lighting design, and special effects services for live events, conferences, conventions and trade show exhibits, and dynamic experiential marketing activations.

Las Vegas Event Audio Services

Earth Water Sky specializes in high quality live event audio solutions for corporate events, conferences, trade show exhibits, presentations, live bands, and DJs.

Las Vegas Event Lighting Services

Earth Water Sky provides a wide range of live event, exhibit, and experiential marketing activation lighting design solutions including wireless LED lighting, immersive themed lighting effects, stage lighting, decor lighting, spot lighting, custom gobos and branding, UV blacklights, programming, and live operation.

Las Vegas Event Video Services

Earth Water Sky specializes in video solutions for corporate events, experiential marketing activations, general sessions, exhibits and trade shows, video projections and projection screens, video switching, projection mapping, Fogscreen eMotion water vapor projections, digital signage, and interactive touch screens.

Las Vegas Special Effects Services

Earth Water Sky specializes in a wide range of high-impact special effects for live events including world-class confetti and streamer effects, fog and haze effects, snowfall effects, bubble effects, T Shirt cannons, T Shirt launchers, and T Shirt Gatling Guns.

Based in Las Vegas since 2004, Earth Water Sky has extensive experience providing a wide range of event production and design services for events at local resorts, showrooms, arenas, convention centers, restaurants, pavilions, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor event venues.

Why choose Las Vegas for your next event production?


Las Vegas is a unique event production destination, offering over 14 million square feet of event space, over 140,000 hotel rooms, convenient air and ground transportation options, world-class dining and entertainment, and Las Vegas will immerse and inspire your guests with cutting edge architecture and design.

Increased Event Attendance

The unique amenities found in Las Vegas appeal to a wide range of guests. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that conventions see an average of 9% attendance increase when hosted in Las Vegas.

Event Production Resources

Las Vegas offers a wide range of world-class local event production resources, with talented and experienced local vendors to fulfill any event production requirements with flawless results.

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