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Video is used to enhance live event productions in many ways, from traditional video screens and video projections for meetings, general sessions, and corporate presentations, Fogscreen eMotion water vapor projection screen system, cutting edge immersive augmented reality effects with video projection mapping. Earth Water Sky has extensive experience creating video solutions to enhance live events for major concert tours, music festivals, nightclubs, corporate conferences and conventions, and intimate private events. We have over 20 years of experience as a leading provider of cutting edge video systems for a wide range of clients and live event productions.

Specializing in presentation video solutions, we provide HD LED video screens and video walls, traditional video projection screens to deliver your visual presentation content to your audience.

Also specializing in a wide range of video screen and digital signage solutions, we utilize video as a high impact outlet for your corporate branding, brand messaging, and visual marketing assets to your target audience. With dynamic custom digital signage solutions we can engage your audience with live social media feeds, live photo to screen features, and live RSS feeds.

Using the power of video technology to create augmented reality experiences, we create turnkey video projection mapping solutions for our clients to transform physical objects, architectural features, and scenic elements with immersive video projection mapping solutions.

As the Las Vegas partner for Giant iTab, Earth Water Sky provides larger than life mobile devices that deliver turnkey interactive touch screen kiosk solutions for live events and convention exhibits.

With over 20 years of experience delivering outstanding video solutions for a wide range of live events, contact us today to explore how we can elevate your next live event production with the power of video.

las vegas event video
las vegas presentation video

Presentation Video

Earth Water Sky specializes in live presentation video solutions for corporate general sessions, conference breakout rooms, and convention exhibits.

Offering a wide range of video projectors and video projection screens, LED screens and LED video wall displays, IMAG live camera image magnification, seamless video switchers, laptops and media servers, confidence screens, presentation timers, cue systems, preview screens, HD signal distribution systems, and creative content creation services, Earth Water Sky delivers turnkey or supplemental presentation video services to fit the special needs of your presentation, facility, and audience.

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Event Video Displays & Digital Signage

Earth Water Sky offers a wide range of HD LED video displays for live event use. Our HD LED displays are perfect for displaying looping PowerPoint slides, photo slideshows, live video feeds, we can add high impact visibility for your branding, products, and marketing materials during networking events, in conference lounge areas, or for convention exhibit booths.

Earth Water Sky’s custom digital signage solutions engage live event and convention attendees with your branding and marketing assets, and directly drive traffic and visibility to your social media outlets.

Perfect for any live event or convention exhibit, Earth Water Sky digital signage solutions deliver serious tangible ROI by increasing traffic to your social media outlets and touching an exponential number of people in your target audience with your brand messaging and marketing materials.

Video Projection Mapping

Creating visual magic and augmented realities with projected light, video projection mapping involves building custom video content that is mapped to a physical object or space, then projecting the video content onto the physical object to create an unforgettable immersive shared augmented reality experience for your live event attendees.

Earth Water Sky works with multiple video artists, 3D animators and programmers, each with different specialized skill-sets to deliver custom video mapping packages for a wide range of project requirements.

las vegas video projection mapping services

Fogscreen eMotion Vapor Video Projection

Earth Water Sky is proud to offer the unique Fogscreen eMotion water vapor video projection screen. Immerse your audience at your next trade show or event as your guests literally walk through your marketing promotional graphics or video.

Manufactured in Finland, our Fogscreen eMotion system operates using 100% purified water, creating a cool refreshing water vapor mist that is 100% non-toxic, and built-in air filtration system actually purifies the air as the system operates.

We specialize in providing turn-key Fogscreen packages either using client provided video content, or our experienced creative design team can create custom animation and motion graphics featuring your desired branding, messaging, and themed video content on request.

Fogscreen eMotion Vapor Video Projection rental
Giant iTab Touch Screen Kiosk Giant iTab Touch Screen Kiosk

Giant iTab Touch Screen Kiosk

Giant iTab products are extremely versatile. They offer a wide range of uses for brand and product presentation, increasing sales and customer engagement. Bringing together smart phone, tablet and multi-channel marketing into one complete digital showcasing solution.

The Giant iTab is a touchscreen tablet solution designed to take advantage of today’s rapidly growing world of live event showcasing, digital engagement and e-commerce.

Built on the revolution in smart phone and tablet technology, the Giant iTab takes existing client content and replicates it perfectly on a Giant Touchscreen with all the iconic design, gesture controls and user benefits of the popular hand held devices of today.

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