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Earth Water Sky is proud to offer the complete line of CITC special effects products as a Direct Authorized Dealer.

CITC shares our passion for excellent quality hardware and consumables, offering industry-standard products and consumables preferred by leading special effects professionals.

Las Vegas fog machine light rentals
Las Vegas fog machine light rentals
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Even with DMX, the Maniac II, built as a stand-alone unit (meaning it does not need to be connected to DMX), needs the Maniac Multi-Function Controller to be able to produce the actions listed.

Without the controller, the only difference between the original Maniac and the Maniac II is the fact that the II has more (24) and brighter LED lights as well as quick disconnects for the fluid tubing. The MMFC will also allow the original Maniac to do the listed functions.


  • 15 Second SmartFog creates cryogenic or fire effects
  • Fully automated moving head
  • 24 LED lights
  • 10 DMX channels
  • Adjustable output and speed
  • Instant stop technology
  • Strobe, dim, mix colors
  • Mount upright or upside down
  • Sound activation
  • Multi-Function Controller allows use without DMX


120V #100122 w/ Controller #100124
230V #100123 w/ Controller #100125
Dimensions: 19″ x 18″ x 22″ (48.5 cm x 44 cm x 55.5 cm)
Weight: (Net / Gross) 39 lbs. (17.5 kg) / 56 lbs. (21.2 kg)
Fog Output: 20,000 ft³/min
Preheat Time: About 5 minutes
DMX Channels: 1-Fog volume, 2-red, 3-green, 4-blue, 5-amber, 6-color mixing, 7-strobe, 8-master dimmer, 9-pan, 10-tilt
LED Lamps: 5W RGBA x 24 (6 of each color)
Fluid Type: CITC SmartFog Fluid
Fluid Capacity: 1.31 qt. (1.2 L)
Sound Active: With optional Multi-Function Controller
Automatic Programs: With optional Multi-Function Controller
Demo Mode: With optional Multi-Function Controller
Pan 540°: Full rotation in approximately 2 sec.
Tilt 270°: Complete tilt range in about ¾ sec.
Electrical Supply: 1600W (100-120 VAC 15A 50/60 Hz) or (220-240 VAC 8A 50/60 Hz)
Electrical Breaker: 120VAC (15A – 250 VAC) 230VAC (8A – 250 VAC)

CITC Maniac Multi-Function Controller
Dimensions: 4 3/8″ x 3″ x 1-11/16″ (110 mm x 77 mm x 44.5 mm)
Weight: 1 lbs.
Sound Active: 6 Looping Sound Modes (4 with fog / 2 without fog)
Automatic Run Mode: 6 Looping Automatic Modes (4 with fog / 2 without fog)
Speed Adjustment: 10 Speed Settings
Sound Sensitivity: 10 Sound Sensitivity Settings
Fog Setting: 10 Timed Interval Settings
Compatibility: MANIAC™ & MANIAC II™
DMX Connector: 3-Pin Female XLR Output
Electrical Input: 100-240 VAC 50/60HZ
Electrical Output: 12VDC – 1A

About CITC

For over 30 years, CITC has consistently led the industry, creating unique and exciting special effects.Our promise remains the same: We are passionate about delivering the most innovative special effects in the industry. We are committed to quality products, high performance fluids and the best customer service.

CITC has consistently led the industry, creating dynamic and exciting special effects equipment. Our products continue to impress even the most demanding of theatrical designers, show producers, directors, live music & sporting event organizers .

CITC has been credited with many industry firsts, including, biodegradable SnoBiz which won the award for Best Atmospheric Effect at the LDI show. We were the first to create a theatrical snow machine that made evaporating snow, the Little Blizzard and Little Blizzard Snow Fluids, and the Maniac light and motion fog machine. CITC was the first to launch SmartFog, the most precise fog in the industry and the award winning AquaMax which was the first haze machine to deliver 100% certified organic haze.

Each CITC unit is assembled and tested in the USA with a focus on the reliability, durability and quality expected by the demands of professionals worldwide. CITC fluids are uniquely formulated and manufactured exclusively in house. Our fluids are thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe for both audiences and the performers.

CITC is the brand that lighting, and design professionals rely on when the performance matters.

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