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T-Shirt Launchers and Cannon Rentals Las Vegas

With the largest T Shirt Cannon inventory in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada, we have a wide range of top quality handheld launchers, and the incredible “T Shirt Gatling Gun” available for your next show or event!

We provide T Shirt Launcher packages that include on-site delivery and expert training for your team to safely handle and operate the launchers, and pre-filled CO2 bottles.

For clients wanting additional support we can also provide turn-key T Shirt Launcher services that can include expert preparation of your shirts or promotional materials, we can also provide our experienced team of brand ambassadors to operate the launchers and interact with your audience!


Our air cannon t-shirt launchers are made of machined, hard anodized aluminum. Our launchers are never powder coated or painted as others, nor do we use any PVC or plastic parts. All anodized components means no rust, no corrosion, and tough for those abusive environments. The clear tube is a 3″ custom formed lexan that can withstand pressure, provide a straight shot “tunnel” for your promotional items, and provides an important safety feature of seeing what’s loaded in the barrel before launching. Although our large size cannons can shoot 300 feet+, we still have the lightest weight and most air efficient models on the market.

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Micro Mini T-Shirt Launcher
The Micro-Mini©is under 4lbs and is perfect for most venues, with portability and easy handling, operation, and reload. Offering One-Button Operation, no external hoses or riggings, and distances up to 150ft, the Micro-Mini™ is a favorite among radio remotes, cheering squads, pep rallies, mascots, trade shows, conventions, general sessions, & small concert venues. Barrel Length Dimensions: 13.5" x 3.25"

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Bleacher Reacher Pro T-Shirt Launcher
The Bleacher-Reacher Pro© is our most powerful and longest shooting hand-held launcher. At just under 7lbs, it shoots to the top deck of most arenas and stadiums. Also perfect for large exhibit halls and larger indoor or outdoor venues where long range is needed. Variable range of (10-250 ft), built-in regulator, pneumatic trigger, real-time velocity control gauge and large bazooka style lexan barrel. Barrel Length Dimensions: 13.5" x 3.25"

las vegas tshirt launcher rentals

T Shirt Gatling Gun
Our T Shirt Gatling Gun is a high impact launcher that delivers the WOW factor with a high-impact visual aesthetic and rapid-fire capabilities. With 12 barrels firing multiple T Shirts or promotional materials in a short duration, our T Shirt Gatling Gun is a great solution to distribute a large number of T Shirts or promotional items to your audience in a short amount of time.
We can also customize and adjust the output range of our T Shirt Gatling Gun to work in either smaller ballrooms or theaters, or large outdoor venues, arenas, and stadium venues.

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