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Since 2004 Earth Water Sky has specialized in custom Audio, Lighting, and permanent Las Vegas AV installations for leading hospitality clients, nightclubs, and entertainment venues.

Our experienced team of world class designers, installation engineers, and programmers, Earth Water Sky creates custom turnkey solutions for a wide range of project-specific requirements. Earth Water Sky’s creative team delivers unique immersive environments that are intelligently designed and flawlessly executed.

Earth Water Sky’s design and engineering team has over 120 years of combined experience delivering turnkey AV systems that are both stable and efficient, using our combined experience to reduce our client’s up front installation costs and long term operational and maintenance costs.

Earth Water Sky is an Authorized Dealer for leading AV equipment manufacturers such as EIKI, Technomad, Bag End Audio, Dataton, Medialon, Clark Wire, Astera Pixel LEDs, TechniLux, Klark Teknik, Shure, QSC, Clearcom, Middle Atlantic, and many more. We are proud to partner with equipment manufacturers sharing our passion for quality and commitment to excellence.

Project Overview: Neon Museum Las Vegas “Brilliant! Experience” AV System Design and Installation

Neon Museum Brilliant launched in February 2018, the “Brilliant!” experience at the Neon Museum Las Vegas is a unique outdoor augmented reality immersive AV system that was designed and installed by Earth Water Sky.

Neon Museum’s Brilliant! Experience features our custom 360 degree video projection system, automated LED lighting system, custom automated show control system, and immersive 3D audio system with custom 3D audio soundtrack produced and remixed by Earth Water Sky.

The Neon Museum Brilliant! AV installation included our custom LED lighting system with 46 outdoor rated LED light fixtures that illuminate the space with ambient lighting before and after shows. The lighting system operation is fully automated for show use, and can also be triggered manually to display a wide range of static colors and dynamic lighting looks we have designed that can be triggered via iPad or touchscreen control for special events use.

Earth Water Sky designed and installed a unique custom 360 degree video projection system for “Brilliant!” utilizing eight EIKI 8,000 ansi lumens laser-phosphor video projectors delivering combined 64,000 ansi lumens output with superior contrast and color intensity that is visually equivalent to approximately 80,000 lumens of traditional LCD projector output.

One smart design feature of the Laser Phosphor video projection system is the lampless video projectors eliminate the need for ongoing lamp replacement, saving Neon Museum approximately $20,000 annually in lamp replacement costs versus using traditional LCD projectors.

Visuals are played back and synchronized using our 8-output HD Dataton Watchout media server array, visuals are then projected in 360 degrees covering 40 unrestored signs from Neon Museum’s historic sign collection, creating a magical augmented reality transformation where the unrestored iconic signs are brought back to life with video projection mapping.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Neon Museum Brilliant AV installation is our unique immersive 3D audio system that utilizes 24 outdoor-rated speakers to deliver a custom 24-channel immersive 3D audio soundtrack mix that was produced and remixed by Earth Water Sky. The 3D audio soundtrack featured iconic performances by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Dean Martin, Liberace, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, and more.

The original stereo audio tracks used for the 3D soundtrack were remixed and engineered by Earth Water Sky with custom sound effects and instrumentation added to create unique 24-channel 3D audio remixes of each classic song that can only be experienced at Neon Museum Las Vegas.

The Neon Museum Brilliant site is an outdoor location in the heart of the Mojave Desert with extreme heat and weather conditions, our one-of-a-kind 3D audio system utilizes military-spec outdoor rated speakers that are proudly made in USA by our vendor Technomad, manufacturer of “The World’s Toughest Loudspeakers.”

Our custom outdoor rated 3D audio system including 20 Technomad full range main speakers and 4 Technomad 18” subwoofers. The speakers are strategically placed discretely throughout the historic sign displays to maximize the impact of the immersive 360 degree 3D audio, while minimizing the visual impact of the speaker installation.

At the heart of the Neon Museum Brilliant AV installation is our custom automated show control system that controls the LED lighting system, 3D audio system, and video playback and projection systems to allow simplified operation of the combined AV technologies using an iPad or touchscreen controller. With the push of a single iPad button operators can power the AV system on and off, control Brilliant show playback, or trigger a wide range of ambient lighting programming or immersive video projection programming.

The energy-efficient IP65 rated LED lighting system is automated to run seasonal looks designed by Earth Water Sky for the Brilliant site. Neon Museum staff also has the option to press iPad buttons to change the lighting to specific colors, or they can select from several custom dynamic lighting effects designed by Earth Water Sky for special event use.

Delivering a powerful outdoor-rated AV system design with long term stability and automated show control, Earth Water Sky has truly delivered a Brilliant! solution for Neon Museum.

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