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Video Projection Mapping Services

Creating visual magic and augmented realities with projected light, video projection mapping involves building custom video content that is mapped to a physical object or space, then projecting the video content onto the physical object to create an unforgettable immersive shared augmented reality experience for your live event attendees.

las vegas video projection mapping services
las vegas video projection mapping services

Earth Water Sky works with multiple video artists, 3D animators and programmers, each with different specialized skill-sets to deliver custom video mapping packages for a wide range of project requirements.

Whether you are needing a unique effect on a stage backdrop or live event scenic elements, or if you are wanting to magically transform the exterior of an entire building, we provide turnkey packages for a wide variety of video projection mapping project requirements.

Utilizing high-output HD video projectors and advanced video media servers, Earth Water Sky delivers world-class video projection mapping immersive augmented reality solutions for a wide range of live events, with technology we can deliver visual magic to your next grand opening, corporate general session, convention, or private event.

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What is Video Projection Mapping?

Video projection mapping is a digital art technique that uses projectors to display video and other visual content onto two- and three-dimensional surfaces. Unlike traditional projection techniques, which can only be used to cast images onto flat, featureless surfaces, video projection mapping is able to project images onto much more intricate shapes and objects. From architecture to sculptures, the possibilities of mediums to target with video projection mapping are endless.

From an artistic perspective, video projection mapping is an extremely effective way to unleash creativity. Through creating shadow play, 3D effect illusions, or following the contours of a surface, this technique can bring an old-school art form into the modern era. Dynamic and vivid colors can be used to create hyper-realistic environments that craft vibrant experiences.

From a practical perspective, video projection mapping has proven to be a useful tool for a variety of organizations. By adding visuals to existing structures or events, video projection mapping can be used to make a lasting impression. A variety of brands have utilized this technology to increase the level of engagement with their customers. With a variety of layers of data, video projection mapping can help organizations to explain complex information in a more straightforward way.

At the end of the day, video projection mapping, beyond being the perfect tool for artists and entrepreneurs alike, is opening incredible opportunities for creativity and innovation. By using the natural beauty of a space or structure as its canvas, this technology brings art and technology together in ways that are truly remarkable.

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