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Fogscreen eMotion Water Vapor Video Projection Screen

“Walk Through Magic!”

Earth Water Sky is proud to offer the unique Fogscreen eMotion water vapor video projection screen. Immerse your audience at your next trade show or event as your guests literally walk through your marketing promotional graphics or video.

Manufactured in Finland, our Fogscreen eMotion system operates using 100% purified water, creating a cool refreshing water vapor mist that is 100% non-toxic, and built-in air filtration system actually purifies the air as the system operates.

We specialize in providing turn-key Fogscreen packages either using client provided video content, or our experienced creative design team can create custom animation and motion graphics featuring your desired branding, messaging, and themed video content on request.

The 2.40m wide New Generation FogScreen®eMotion is the perfect solutions for permanent or non-permanent installations in the entertainment sector. The FogScreen®eMotion has excellent picture quality and thanks to the new patented technology, it is virtually drip-free. eMotion is our so called plug and play model, i.e. the easiest FogScreen® to install, use and maintain because its been designed with a compact body structure incorporating all the elements into the main screen housing. One power plug and one water line is all that’s needed to connect the screen and start wowing people.

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