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Las Vegas Wireless LED Lighting

Earth Water Sky is a leading provider of battery powered wireless LED lighting in Las Vegas, with a wide variety of compatible fixtures available to enhance any live event without using power outlets or unsightly power cables.

We exclusively provide superior quality wireless led lights delivering superior battery runtimes, flexible programming options, with superior color intensity. Using multiple wireless controller options we can perfectly match any decor or branding colors without the need for expensive traditional DMX lighting controllers.

With optional wireless DMX hardware our full range of battery powered LED lights can also be operated with traditional DMX controllers to supplement large scale show lighting installations with manual DMX control capabilities.

Our wireless LED lighting delivers a strong value by reducing setup time and setup labor requirements, as well as reducing programming costs and lighting control equipment costs. Battery powered wireless LED uplights also eliminate the need for power outlets, often generating a huge savings by eliminating expensive in-house power fees charged by most resorts and convention facilities.

Earth Water Sky offers multiple styles and sizes of inter-compatible wireless LED lighting fixtures. We custom tailor each wireless LED lighting package to fit your exact event requirements. Earth Water Sky wireless LED lighting is used frequently for events at all major Las Vegas resort facility ballrooms, Las Vegas Convention Center exhibits, leading restaurants, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor event facilities.

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Advantages of Wireless LED Lighting

Wireless LED lighting has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and with good reason. These lights provide a wealth of advantages that make them a great choice for many applications. From cutting energy costs to providing a bright and mobile lighting source, there are countless benefits to choosing wireless LED lighting.

First and foremost, wireless LED lighting is energy efficient. Traditional lighting systems can often use a lot of electricity, but top-tier LED bulbs are capable of providing light while consuming a fraction of the energy. This can result in a lower electricity bill every month, especially when compared to other forms of lighting. LED bulbs also have a much longer life expectancy than those of traditional bulbs, which can save money over time.

In addition, wireless LED lighting can provide a wide variety of color options to suit the needs of any space. From subtle whites to vibrant blues and reds, there are countless options available. This can be especially helpful for creating a specific mood or ambiance in a room, making it a great choice for creating a mood or setting the stage for any situation.

Lastly, wireless LED lighting is easy to install and customize. Many LED bulbs come with their own wireless controller, allowing the user to customize the amount and color of light being emitted with the press of a button. This can be especially useful for non-standard lighting needs such as creating an accent wall or providing a unique lighting experience in a rental property.

Overall, there are numerous advantages to choosing wireless LED lighting. From energy savings to the ability to customize every part of the setup, LED bulbs offer a level of convenience not found with traditional lighting systems. This can be a great choice for anyone looking to save energy, create a unique look, or just make a space more comfortable.

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