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Earth Water Sky specializes in high impact custom gobos, branding gobos and lighting solutions for corporate live events.

Offering turnkey custom gobo lighting design services to provide spectacular large-format branding at a fraction of the price of traditional printed banners.

Whether you are in need of a custom steel gobo for a simple corporate logo or monogram, or if you require a multi-color glass gobo with photographic detail and clarity, we work directly with each client to create the custom gobo designs provided with our turnkey lighting design packages to deliver high impact large-format branding at a low price.

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What are Custom Gobos?

The term “GOBO” originated as an abbreviation for “GOes Before Optics”, where a pattern is located in a light fixture between a lamp or light source and lens, to create a projection of a pattern or logo.

A gobo is a stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light. Lighting designers typically use them with stage lighting instruments to manipulate the shape of the light cast over a space or object—for example to produce a pattern of leaves on a stage floor.

Gobos are used with projectors and simpler light sources to create lighting scenes in theatrical applications. Simple gobos, incorporated into automated lighting systems, are popular at nightclubs and other musical venues to create moving shapes. Gobos may also be used for architectural lighting, as well as in interior design, as in projecting a company logo on a wall.

The term “gobo” has come to sometimes refer to any device that produces patterns of light and shadow, and various pieces of equipment that go before a light (such as a gobo arm or gobo head). In theatrical lighting, however, the term more specifically refers to a device placed in ‘the gate’ or at the ‘point of focus’ between the light source and the lenses (or other optics). This placement is important because it produces a crisp, sharp edged pattern or design (of logos, fine detail, architecture, etc.). Gobos placed after the optics do not produce a finely focused image, and are more precisely called “flags” or “cucoloris” (“cookies”). source: Wikipedia

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