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Earth Water Sky specializes in cutting edge creative lighting design for a wide variety of live events, our lighting installations enhance interior and outdoor spaces with drama, beauty, and emotion, adding depth and visual impact to any event location.

Specializing in lighting within a theme, Earth Water Sky lighting supports decor elements, adds impact to corporate branding, redefining the visual impact of your event.

Using a wide variety of cutting edge lighting products we maintain one of the largest and most specialized event lighting inventories in Las Vegas to create unique custom lighting effects perfectly tailored to your event location, theme, and event decor.

Whether you are looking for area lighting, stage lighting, custom gobos, intelligent moving lights, battery operated wireless LED lighting, UV blacklight effects, or unusual one of a kind dynamic lighting effects, trust our experienced lighting design team to transform your next live event into a unique and memorable experience for your audience and guests.

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Effects Lighting

Offering a wide range of specialized lighting effects, Earth Water Sky maintains one of the largest inventories of specialty lighting effects products in Las Vegas. Many of our lighting products are unique to our inventory, and are not available from any other event lighting design providers in Southern Nevada.

Specializing in creative lighting design within a theme, we can transform your event space into an underwater environment with animated ripples of light and swimming sharks, we can surround your guests with dancing flames or falling snowflakes, or we can transform your entire event space into a futuristic immersive environment swirling with intense dimensional light and color.

Wireless LED Lighting

Earth Water Sky is a leading provider of battery powered wireless LED lighting in Las Vegas, with a wide variety of compatible fixtures available to enhance any live event without using power outlets or unsightly power cables.

We exclusively provide superior quality wireless led lights delivering superior battery runtimes, flexible programming options, with superior color intensity. Using multiple wireless controller options we can perfectly match any decor or branding colors without the need for expensive traditional DMX lighting controllers.

With optional wireless DMX hardware our full range of battery powered LED lights can also be operated with traditional DMX controllers to supplement large scale show lighting installations with manual DMX control capabilities.

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Astera Wireless LED Pixel Tubes

Earth Water Sky offers a large inventory of popular Astera wireless LED tube fixtures for events and exhibit lighting design packages.

With a wide range of mounting, rigging, and programming options, our LED tube fixtures are a cutting edge solution to provide versatile dynamic illumination and unique LED decor element for your next event.

Custom Gobos

Earth Water Sky specializes in high impact custom gobos, branding gobos and lighting solutions for corporate live events.
Offering turnkey custom gobo lighting design services to provide spectacular large-format branding at a fraction of the price of traditional printed banners.

Whether you are in need of a custom steel gobo for a simple corporate logo or monogram, or if you require a multi-color glass gobo with photographic detail and clarity, we work directly with each client to create the custom gobo designs provided with our turnkey lighting design packages to deliver high impact large-format branding at a low price.

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