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Earth Water Sky’s CO2 Moving Jets will put movement in any production with its 180 degree range of effect output. Using a standard DMX 512 controller, we can maneuver the nozzle back and forth up to 180 degrees while releasing CO2 Clouds creating as much as a “Half Circle” of CO2 and only utilizing 2 channels on the DMX controller (1 channel for on/off of CO2 and 1 channel for movement of “swinging” nozzle)

With the ability to control the movement of the nozzle and the CO2 on/off separately, we have the option to spray CO2 in any direction, side to side, you desire. Multiple units together can create “Arcs” or “Half Circles” of CO2 which will make any show stand out. CO2 Moving Jet has the ability to reach a height of 25′-35′ feet (7.6-10.6 meters). Weighing only 19.8 Lbs (9Kg) the Moving Jet can be placed on the floor, mounted on a truss, or suspended from the ceiling. It is linkable to other units through DMX XLR Connectors

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Earth Water Sky’s CO2 Moving Jet package includes:

  • 2x Moving CO2 Jet units with attached quick connect fittings and base plates for mounting
  • 2x High Pressure Hose with attached quick connect fitting
  • 2x CO2 fittings (to connect hoses to CO2 Tank)
  • 4x 20lb pre-filled CO2 Syphon Tanks
  • DMX Controller and DMX programming for manual operation
  • Onsite technician to operate the units for rehearsal and show coverage
  • Power Cables
  • DMX Cables

Earth Water Sky’s Moving CO2 Jets allow our technician to control the direction of the CO2 Effect stream, up to 180 degrees from side to side. With the DMX Controller, we can change nozzle direction to point the effect in any direction up to 180 degrees. Electricity is required for this package.

Earth Water Sky’s CO2 Moving Jets shoot a 25′-35′ feet (7.6-10.6 meters) high stream of CO2 which is about 4’-6’ feet wide! Our CO2 Moving Jets are used in stage productions, nightclubs, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, live events and much more. They are similar to a fog machine but do not linger like fog, leave a residue or smell, or set off fire alarms. They also significantly cool down an area very quickly. The CO2 dissipates immediately after coming out of the units so the cloud vanishes in seconds after the user stops activation

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How do cryo effects work?

CO2 cryo concert effects are becoming increasingly popular at music venues and clubs around the world. CO2 cryo concert effects are a combination of fog, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen filled balloons that are used to create an immersive sensory experience for audiences. This effect can be used as either a stand-alone spectacle or to enhance a live performance.

The process starts with the introduction of liquid nitrogen into custom-made balloons filled with CO2. As the liquid nitrogen is added, the CO2 inside the balloon begins to expand and contract due to the cooler temperatures, and the balloon begins to "cryo-pop," or sound like popcorn popping. This effect is known as "freeze vaporization" and is calculated so that it occurs at the same time as a beat in the music. When these CO2 cryo pops occur during a live performance and are amplified through a sound system, they add a unique element to the performance.

The balloons themselves are filled with CO2 and can be filled prior to a concert, or they can also be filled using hand-held tanks. Usually, the CO2 cryo-popped balloons are filled with a mixture of air and CO2 that is pumped into the balloons until they can no longer

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