AV Installations

  • Las Vegas Event Production

Since 2004 Earth Water Sky has specialized in custom Audio, Lighting, and permanent Las Vegas AV installations for leading hospitality clients, nightclubs, and entertainment venues.

Our experienced team of world class designers, installation engineers, and programmers, Earth Water Sky creates custom turnkey solutions for a wide range of project-specific requirements. Earth Water Sky’s creative team delivers unique immersive environments that are intelligently designed and flawlessly executed.

Earth Water Sky’s design and engineering team has over 120 years of combined experience delivering turnkey AV systems that are both stable and efficient, using our combined experience to reduce our client’s up front installation costs and long term operational and maintenance costs.

Earth Water Sky is an Authorized Dealer for leading AV equipment manufacturers such as EIKI, Technomad, Bag End Audio, Green Hippo, Dataton, Medialon, Clark Wire, Astera LED, TechniLux, Klark Teknik, Shure, QSC, Clearcom, Middle Atlantic, and many more. We are proud to partner with equipment manufacturers sharing our passion for quality and commitment to excellence.

Las Vegas AV Installations

Earth Water Sky is an authorized dealer and experienced systems integrator for a wide range of clients and many leading AV technology manufacturers. Combining cutting-edge 3D audio, video displays and video projection mapping, lighting design, and show-control technologies we create unique immersive environments that are intelligently designed and flawlessly executed.

We are a unique creative technology and design company with a wide range of capabilities. Providing turn-key or supplemental audio, lighting, and video services for live events, Earth Water Sky produces cutting-edge corporate conferences and corporate events, trade shows, conventions, and a wide range of live events.

Also specializing in custom permanent Las Vegas AV Installations and design services for hospitality clients. Our experienced installation team delivers audio, video, and lighting systems that are intelligently designed to enhance your facility site characteristics, and to support your organization’s goals and objectives.