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EIKI projectors are the industry standard for professional quality, lifetime assurance, and performance. Earth Water Sky is a direct authorized dealer, reseller and installer for all EIKI projectors, specialty lenses, replacement lamps, and a wide range of custom projection screens, projector mounts, projector rigging hardware, and projector accessories.

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About EIKI

The name “EIKI” results from the phonetic spelling of the combination of the Japanese words for “picture” (the sound “ei” as in “the letter A” or the word “face”) and “machine” (the sounds “k” and “I” as in the word “key”).  Think of “A-key to better communication”, and you’ll think of EIKI.

Founded in 1953 in Osaka, Japan to manufacture technology for classroom instruction, Eiki Industrial Co., Ltd., quickly recognized it possessed special expertise in the engineering of 16mm Film Projectors, and set out to design and build the best classroom film handling equipment possible through a process of continual improvement.

The company  has been responsible for many innovative breakthroughs, perhaps the most dramatic being the modularization of the 16mm projector.  Since inception the projector has become not only more sophisticated, but also more complicated and costly to manufacture and maintain.  Most manufacturers considered the technology “mature”.

But not this company.  Applying simple concepts, company engineers designed a projector that utilized about half the moving parts of popular projectors of the day, and put 80% of those moving parts on 4 modules (sub-assemblies).  The result was a projector that cost less to manufacture, was far more reliable, and much easier to repair than any other.

This focus on quality made the company the largest selling 16mm projector in the world, and is the cornerstone of the company.  A new factory was built around the modular design concept which permitted a dramatic increase in productivity.  Meanwhile, a sophisticated sales network was established across Japan, and an export infrastructure created to support worldwide distribution.

In 1974, they Opened Eiki International, Inc. to distribute its products in the United States.  In 1986, the Company acquired the business unit of the Bell & Howell company that had originated the audio visual industry some 50 years earlier.